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This happened around 5 years back. My dad was going out of town for a week from his workplace, so my family decided to tag along to make a mini vacation out of it. But i didn’t want to go because i had already bought tickets with my friends for a big football match which was happening that week. So i told my parents about it but they were reluctant to let me stay alone for a week, though after a long convincing session they finally agreed. 

As per the plan, they left early morning while i was still sleeping. And they reached their destination in about 5 hours and yes, i was still asleep. I woke up when my mom called me to tell me something that killed my sleep in cold blood, they had accidentally taken all the three keys of the main door with them. Now i was a prisoner in my own home for week. 

My flat was on the first floor (which was higher than usual first floors)so windows weren’t really an option unless i wanted to break some of my bones. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fact that i will miss the match if i don’t come up with something. I tried everything i could, from shaking the door vigorously hoping for it to magically open, to try and lockpick it but all in in vain. Now i was hungry, my parents left me money for food but i could not go out to buy it, so i called a friend and told him about the situation, after laughing his ass off he agreed to buy me food. I lowered a basket suspended by a rope. He took the cash and bought me food. 

After my friends came to know about me, they all gathered below my home and started giving me (bad) ideas to get me down. I was so desperate to go for the match that at one point i thought climbing down the rope would work but thankfully i realized soon enough that i wasn’t in a movie. So out of my final act of desperation, i made a frustrated call to my mom asking her if i can try and break the lock. Her answer was negative, to be more specific, her exact words were “if you break the lock, i will come home and break you”.

Now i had no other choice but to complete the rest of my prison sentence. I watched movies and played videogames to kill time, but mostly, i slept. I also learned to make a kind of a sweet through internet, which was productive. And yea, i watched the match…on TV.

The week was finally over and my family was back to enjoy my pitiful story, which they still enjoy by the way.




Meow, I open my eyes and see mommy licking me and my siblings all over, I don’t know why, but it feels good. Mommy says we live in her human’s house, they seem nice because they give us food and milk but I like mommy’s milk and so do my siblings.
Meow, It’s been a month since I opened my eyes for the first time, I can now run and play with my siblings while mommy and humans watch us. Mommy says her human is going to give me away to his other human friend but I don’t want to leave mommy.

Meow, the other human is taking me away in a box, I can’t see anything because he closed the box and it is dark in here but I can hear my mommy crying. I think I’m in his house now, a little human opened the box but I don’t want to come out. The new humans seem happy to see me they give me milk but I won’t drink it, I want mommy’s milk. I’m crying because I’m scared and I miss mommy, there’s no one to play with now. The little humans live with their mommy, why can’t I?

Meow, I don’t think they are taking me back to mommy and I’m hungry so I think I will drink this milk, it tastes good but not like mommy’s. The humans are trying to play with me but I don’t want to. Oh wait, there’s a red dot on the ground, I want to catch it but it keeps running away. The humans are laughing while I try to catch it, I don’t get what’s funny.

Meow, I love it when the humans pet me on my head, if they stop I press my head against their hand, then they keep doing it. There is sand in a tray near the wall, I think that is my toilet. The humans keep playing with me, I don’t miss my siblings anymore, but I still miss mommy.

Meow, they named me kitty, I like that name. Little human is carrying me outside the house, I’m curious what the outside looks like, mommy used to say outside is a scary place but I still want to see what it looks like. I don’t like outside, it’s big and scary, and there a lot of other humans who don’t seem nice. Oh no! the little human is keeping me down, I don’t want to be outside, I’m going to run back to the house. I think the humans understood that I’m afraid of the outside, they are not trying to take me there now. These humans are my family now, they are MY humans.

Meow, it’s been 3 months since they brought me here. I like to wander from room to room and go sit on their laps to get their attention. Sometimes I jump on the table and eat the food that is not mine, I think the mommy human doesn’t like it, she scolds the little humans when I do that. She also doesn’t like it when I make a mess around my sand tray or when I spill my food and milk sometimes. Today she got really angry when I accidently flipped my sand tray, she was talking to the little humans loudly, the little humans looked sad. Hey look, they are putting me in a box again, maybe they are taking me back to mommy, Purrrr.

Meow, the box is open but I can’t hear mommy, let me peep outside. Oh no! This is the outside! Why did they leave me in the outside? They know I’m scared of the outside. It’s been a long time, I’m feeling hungry, I will go out and try to find my humans. There are many humans here but I can’t find my humans, a little human is trying to catch me, I’m going to run to the box and stay there till my humans return. Mommy was right, outside it is a scary place.

Meow, It’s been more than a day, my humans still haven’t returned yet. I’m stomach is hurting because I haven’t eaten since yesterday, I’m also feeling weak. I’m crying because I want to go back to my humans. MEOW! MY HUMAN IS HERE! He is looking into the box, I run to his legs, he is picks me up, I have never been happier. My human is happy too but I see tears rolling down his eyes. This time he didn’t put me in a box, he is carrying me in his arms and I’m holding onto his arm tight because I don’t want to get lost in the outside again. I’m back home, all my humans are very happy to see me, mommy human is happy too. They give me a lot of food and milk, I’m going to eat all of it because I’m very hungry. They all watch me as I pounce on to the food.

Meow, It’s been six months since I came here, everyone loves me, mommy human doesn’t get angry anymore and the little humans always play with me, I like playing with them too, but I still can’t catch the red dot. 

Meow, it’s late night, my humans are asleep, but I’m not able to sleep. I’m missing my mommy a lot today. I see a bright light like I have never seen before, everything is turning dark, maybe I can go to sleep now. I will miss my humans. Meow.




The following morning, I found kitty lying still with his legs and tail stretched out. I wanted to believe that he was playing but he was really gone. Kitty was the best pet I ever had.

Lucid dreamer


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Have you ever had a dream in which you are aware that you are dreaming? Such dreams are called semi lucid dreams (because you did not induce them), but these dreams are blurry and fade away unless you train your brain to remember dreams more vividly. This can be done by maintaining a dream journal and writing down your dreams in it everyday.Yes, you dream every single day but you just forget em as soon as you wake up, but if you start writing down your dreams, you brain will remember almost every dream you will have. And if you learn how to lucid dream, you are more likely to remember those dreams. I got into lucid dreaming a couple of years back when i stumbled upon an article about it. There are many ways to lucid dream, one of which is that you ask yourself if you are dreaming after every one or two hours and look at your hands while you do it, this will train your sub conscious to ask you the same question when you are actually dreaming. But when you look at your hands in your dream, something will be odd about it, maybe less or more fingers, different shape, an eye in your hand looking back at you(yes, that happened to me), or when you look into the mirror you will see someone else or creepy version of yourself, basically this is your brain’s way of telling you that you are dreaming. But don’t get scared, this just means that you now know that you are in a dream and you do whatever you want in your dream, you can fly, change the weather, give yourself superpowers, meet anyone you want, there are shitload of possibilities. 

I still remember my first self induced lucid dream very vividly, which i had 3 year ago. I got it after trying to lucid dream for about a week. 

I “woke up” in my dream and looked around, i was sitting in my room with two other friends. I didn’t look at my hands or anything but there was something odd about the room, then it suddenly occured to me that I’m dreaming. I told my friends that we are in my dream, they didn’t believe, so i flicked the lights on and off just by thinking about it, they still didn’t believe me, then i made it snow inside the room. This convinced them, and they were excited about it. Then i made one my friends bald and the other grow a ponytail, they asked me to change them back to normal which i did. I then thought about flying, next thing i know, my feet are off the ground and I’m flying around the city. And that’s when my alarm woke me up. 

You have endless possibilities when you are lucid dreaming, you can make anything happen just by thinking about it. But every coin has two sides, if you get too deep into your dreamworld, strange things may start to happen, which can sometimes be scary and unexplainable. In my case, i started to get a lot of deja vu sensations when i was awake, like i saw something and felt like i saw it in my dream last night. Then there were the false awakenings, i just couldn’t wake up when i wanted to, usually i would just shake my head in my dream if i wanted to wake up but then every time i did that, i would just wake up in another dream. This one time i had like 14-15 back to back false awakenings, i would shake my head to wake up in my room only to see some weird shit happening like demons or animals walking towards me while i was lying in my bed paralyzed, and realizing i was still in my dream, i was more annoyed than scared because i was tired of shaking my head even though it was in my dream, my sister woke me up just then, later i found that i was going through sleep paralysis, which is not a new thing among lucid dreamers. 

I stopped inducing lucid dreams after this incident. Now they just happen when they happen. 



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It was the summer vacation of 2013, i would usually sleep through daytime and hang out with friends when I’m not sleeping. We would usually spend our time cycling around town. But there was a point when we all got bored and decided we needed to do something different, so we all sat down and came up with a bunch of stupid ideas, one of them being exploring each and every room of an abandoned mental asylum which was said to be ‘haunted’. 

About the asylum, according to the local myth it was abandoned around 20 years ago due to a patient committing suicide, he was a shepherd who went nuts and would behead his sheep for no reason. And yes, as expected this man’s “ghost” haunts the hospital since then, there were also reports of headless sheep roaming around the hospital grounds after midnight.

Now, I’m not the type of guy who believes in ghosts and stuff but going there at night time after knowing all this does make your knees weak and palms sweaty. As planned, me and 4 other friends got all geared up with all kinds of flash lights, water, phones, first aid kit, knives (just in case) and of course, running shoes. We rode off to the hospital at around 9 pm because we didn’t want anyone to see us trespassing the area, the entrance gate to the compound was broken so we went in. As we entered the compound, we turned on our flashlights, there was about 100m distance between the gate and the main building which had 3 floors, as we walked closer to the building, the realization of this bad idea was becoming stronger and stronger. 

The door was half open, so as a chivalrous gentleman, my friend kicked it open completely. We all walked in and started to look around, it was like any other abandoned building but a lot more scarier. Someone had painted “danger” on one of the walls with red paint, this made it obvious that we were not the first visitors there and it helped us calm down a bit (just a bit). There were stairs to our right, we went up and ended up in a long corridor with rooms on both sides. Some rooms had drawers, some had broken beds, some were bathrooms, but most of them were empty. Everything was broken and messy. One of the rooms was locked and we couldn’t open it so we moved on. After a few rooms we come across another room that was locked but only from outside without a paddle lock, so we open it and what we see inside totally freaked us out, this room is clean with a proper bed and a cupboard like someone lived there, everyone pretended to stay cool but deep down inside we were all shitting our pants. We decided not to pussy out and move on to the next floor. 

As we were walking up the stairs in a compact group, we saw red handprints on the wall, “this was obviously done by the same people that painted ‘danger’  below”, is what we told ourselves to keep us from passing out. We heard some noise as we reached the corridor, it was coming from a room, at this point my friend thought it would be funny to mock me about how the person who doesn’t believe in ghosts dies first in horror movies. We all agreed upon “it must have been a cat” and came up with another bad idea of investigating that room, the door was slightly open so my ‘door – kicking’ friend did the honours. As soon as the door opened, HUNDREDS OF EFFFIN PIGEONS FLEW RIGHT INTO OUR FACES, next thing i know we were running down the stairs faster than Usain Bolt would have and didn’t stop till we were out of the building. I had never been this close to a heart attack. As we were catching our breath we realized that we were a man short, no one wanted to go back in at this point so we assumed he was messing with us and decided to wait for 5 mins(which is a long time for him to be in there all alone) and if he doesn’t come out by then, we go in. As every second passed, the atmosphere was becoming more and more intense. We were worried he could have passed out while running so we gathered our guts and went in once again. “AAAAAAAAAA!”, he screamed from behind the door in the most monstrous voice ever as we were walking towards the stairs. Let me correct myself, now this was the time when i was closest to having a heart attack and I’m not afraid to say that i did piss my pants a bit at this point, i think all of my friends did. We beat the shit out of him before he could finish his laugh which was supposed to complement this ‘amazingly funny prank’. After coming out, we came up with the conclusion that it was an adrenaline pumping experience yes, but we are never going back in there again. Everyone including me was reluctant to cycle back home alone, so we decided to sleep over at my place which we did. 

In the end, it was a good experience and… okay it was not. But later we got to know from more knowledgeable sources that ‘surprisingly’ the hospital wasn’t haunted by the sheep guy’s ghost or any ghost afterall, it got shut down due to lack of patients. And after three years, it is now being renovated into a medical reasearch center.This is one of those crazy incidents that i will never forget, not because it was scary af but because it will remind me of the good times i had with my friends.